Young People’s Conference Officers and Staff


Pastor Kevin K. West – President

Evangelist Alicia M. Nick – Vice President

Missionary Celia R. Myles – Vacation Bible School Director

Sister Andrese V. Johnson – Secretary

Jr. Missionary Kristina K. West – Assistant Secretary

Brother Maurice V. Nick – Treasurer

Sister Carrie A. Gross – Assistant Treasurer

Elder Gregory A. Johnson – Chaplain

Minister of Music

Evangelist Kendra F. Brown



Sister Sharon M. Miner


Public Relations

Brother Maurice V. Nick


Jr. Missionary  Maria L. Nick, Chairperson

Brother Corey W. Foxx

Brother Dwanne L. Johnson

Miss. Lace Hunter

Spiritual Advisor

Evangelist L’Tanya N. Brown


Advisory Board

Pastor Paul E. Brown

Elder Ivin D. Myles I

Evangelist L’Tanya N. Brown

Sister Debra K. Myles

Missionary Roslyn W. Harper

Sister Carolyn M. McMickle

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Young People’s Conference Officers and Staff

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